May 24, WCSWA Annual Potluck and

Foresters for the Birds Program

Maura Olivos, The Forest Stewards Guild

A traditional potluck with lots of delicious food and good companionship was enjoyed by 30-some WCSWA members and friends at Jackson Bottom Wetlands in Hillsboro.  After the potluck, Lee and Nancy O’Banion were introduced as  WCSWA’s 2021 Tree Farmers of the Year, (see below for their July 16 tour info).

Next, Maura Olivos was introduced as our guest speaker.  Maura works full-time with Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District (TSWCD) and is also the convenor and coordinator for Oregon’s “Foresters for the Birds.” Maura is PNW Region Coordinator for the Forest Stewards Guild which sponsors Foresters for the Birds.  TSWCD is also a supporter. 

The Foresters for the Birds program was started in 2008 in Vermont.  It had been documented that bird species were in decline on the east coast, and Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation along with Audobon Vermont wanted to identify suitable breeding and post-breed habitat for birds while still allowing for sustained yields of timber.  Maine then took up the banner and published a guide for biologists, foresters, loggers and landowners of 12 eastern bird species that were easy to identify, were in decline and represented different niches and forest types.  Besides printed materials, workshops and technical assistance are offered.  The idea spread down the east coast and is now in 14 states with specific guidance on active forest management that is bird-friendly. 

For continuation see Page 8 of the June 2022 Forest Forum

2021 Tree Farmers of the Year Tour Invitation

Lee and Nancy O’Banion invite you to a tour of their Gales Creek property

Lee and Nancy have lived on their 40 acres in Gales Creek for over 40 years.  Barry Sims of Trout Mountain Forestry has helped guide them to achieve their goals with their management plan.  Barry will be on hand at the tour to explain the achievements and answer questions.


When:  July 16, 9:00am – 1:00pm (no full meal will be served, but muffins, coffee, soda and water will be provided).

Additional Details can be found on Page 1 of the June Forest Forum


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