Small Forestland Maple Sugar Production for February Meeting

Please plan to join us for the February monthly meeting at our regular place in North Plains.  The topic will be an Introduction to bigleaf maple tapping and syrup making, with highlights of Tom and Julia Tibbs’ maple tapping operation.  The featured speaker will be John (Trey) Scheb. Trey graduated from OSU this year with a master’s degree in natural resources. His master’s research focused on sugarbush management within Oregon’s emerging bigleaf maple sugaring industry. His academic and professional focus is on agroforestry and ethnoecology.

Trey did his master’s research under the guidance of Eric Jones, assistant professor in the College of Forestry at OSU. During his research, he worked with several small woodland owners in Northwest Oregon to help them get started in maple tapping. He will share his hands-on experience with these small woodland owners.  Other topics he will cover include the botany of bigleaf maple, history of maple tapping, the maple industry, bigleaf maple sugarbush management, technologies for bigleaf maple sap collection, processing sap and syrup-making, and selling bigleaf maple products in Oregon.  This will be a great foreshadowing of the Tree Farmer of the Year Tour that will be taking place later this summer at the Tibbs’ property. 

The meeting will be February 27, 2024, at 7pm in North Plains at the Hub (30780 NW Highland Ct. North Plains). We look forward to seeing you there!


February Forest Forum can be found here:  February 2024 Forest Forum



Last Updated on February 5, 2024