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WCSWA Leadership:

President – Vic Herinckx, 503-679-6096
Vice-President – Vacant
Secretary-Treasurer – Bob Shumaker

Board of Directors:
Pos. #1: Kathy Brock
Pos. #2: Marc Ahrendt
Pos. #3: Dave Rabon
Pos. #4: Jonathan Ciampi
Pos. #5: Cathy Dummer
Pos. #6: Kent Grewe

Legislative Committee Chair:
Scott Hayes, 503-568-5999

Membership Committee:
WCSWA Board Members

Program Committee:
John and Cathy Dummer, 503-970-8789
Tony Spiering
Tom Nygren

Tualatin River Watershed Council Representatives:
Tom Nygren, primary, 503-628-5472
Eric Chambers, alternate, 503-647-2458

Forest Forum Newsletter:
Editors: Norie Dimeo-Ediger & Bonnie Shumaker
503-432-1733 or 503-324-7825
Proofreaders: Bonnie Shumaker, Dan Hundley, Tom Nygren, Ardis Schroeder, Norie Dimeo-Ediger

Contact Bonnie Shumaker for web postings and information.

Last Updated on January 21, 2023